Advantage and Disadvantage of Precast Concrete

Unlike conventional construction methods, precast concrete is produced off-site and moved to the construction site. The precast concrete blocks are then put into place just like any other construction component. While the precast blocks are not as strong or durable as traditional materials, they do have many advantages. Listed below are a few of these … Read more

The Global Cement Industry Outlook to 2022

Despite the recent slowdown in global cement consumption, the region still is expected to grow by nearly 5% over the next five years, thanks to a boost in housing demand. The East South Central census division is expected to experience positive demand growth, and new construction will continue to grow despite concerns over affordability. The … Read more

Concrete Industry Outlook for 2022

The construction industry cannot afford to take its current success for granted, and it needs to be prepared for supply, labor, and financial risks. Shibuya Data Count has compiled the latest Concrete Industry Outlook 2022 & Beyond report. In this report, we highlight the most critical industry trends that will impact the construction industry over … Read more

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Concrete Services You Can Trust

It is important to choose a concrete company that is trustworthy and offers high-quality work. The quality of their work depends largely on how much trust you place in them. You may find that some of them do not have insurance or have not been in business for long, which means that you will have … Read more

Is Precast Concrete The Future?

The construction industry is undergoing a transformation and precast concrete is the future. Today, the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes make precast construction a viable option for a variety of construction projects. In 1985, construction workers in Calgary were confined to cages, performing repetitive motions, and breaking manhole openings with boxes. The work environment was … Read more

Latest Technology In Concrete Technology

The concrete industry is facing a variety of challenges remain. In addition to improving efficiency, new technologies also require skilled labor. With new concrete technologies on the horizon, the industry will be able to overcome these issues and provide better service to its customers. Here are a few of the latest developments that are likely … Read more