Popular Stained Concrete Application Techniques

Using a sprayer, you can apply the colored stain to the concrete slab using a misting technique. Lightly spray the color on the surface so that it doesn’t show up against the base color. Once the stain is dry, you can add additional colors by repeating the same steps. Begin by applying the base coat, then a second color. If you would like to create a pattern, you can start by applying a third color. You must allow the second color to dry before applying the third layer. Lastly, you should seal the concrete with a sealer to protect your concrete.

Popular Stained Concrete Application Techniques

The first step in stained concrete application is to clean the surface with a mild acid solution. After cleaning the concrete, sandblast it. This helps to make the stained surface smoother. When applying the stain, remember to dilute the solution. Different liquids will produce different results. Some contractors recommend dilutions of the stain solution depending on the desired effect. If you are unsure of the final color you are after, you can always experiment with the stain solution until you find one that works.

A second staining technique is used to cover up the first one. This technique can be used to create a unique design and doesn’t require any extra preparation. However, you don’t want your stained concrete floor to look unfinished because the sides will show. To avoid this, you should consider the footing, which is normally four to six inches in depth. In addition to this, it is important to include the footing when pouring concrete. This is crucial for the structure of the slab. Furthermore, concrete slabs can lose considerable heat while pouring. If this happens, wet concrete can freeze onto the surface before curing. Good concrete companies know how to deal with these weather conditions, so they will pour concrete with a minimum amount of puddles.

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