Colored Concrete Trends Choosing Between Dyes Stains & Pigments

Colored Concrete Trends Choosing Between Dyes Stains Pigments

There are several different ways to color your concrete. While stains are the most popular option, dyes offer the most versatility and a broader range of colors. While both options are easy to apply, dyes are a bit more expensive than pigments and require a professional to apply them correctly. However, dyes are easy to remove and have a long life.

The major difference between stains and pigments is the type of stain that is applied to the concrete. Pigments are used to add depth to concrete and are not intended for use as a finish. Dyes are typically used in combination with other products and can produce unique colors and finishes. Because they can be applied over top of an existing concrete surface, they are best for a smooth surface.

In addition to staining and pigments, dyes are able to change the texture of the concrete and are more durable. Unlike stains, which are permanent, stains are more cost-effective than pigments. They are also more durable and resistant to foot traffic. In addition, they are more affordable than pigments. The differences between stains and pigments are important to understand so you can make the best decision for your project.

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