Is Precast Concrete The Future?

Is Precast Concrete The Future

The construction industry is undergoing a transformation and precast concrete is the future. Today, the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes make precast construction a viable option for a variety of construction projects. In 1985, construction workers in Calgary were confined to cages, performing repetitive motions, and breaking manhole openings with boxes. The work environment was also hazardous and the workers suffered from health problems. But today, the future is incredibly bright for the industry.

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in urbanization and the exponential rise of population. These two factors have contributed to the growth of the construction industry. With increased urbanization and the pursuit of better careers, the construction industry is moving toward industrialization and precast concrete elements are among the most preferred materials. Additionally, precast concrete elements have low carbon footprints, a feature that is becoming more valuable as the world moves toward more sustainable building materials.

Tilt-up concrete construction is a process that requires pouring, molding, and construction on-site. Because the process requires onsite preparation, it is not suitable for foundations and internal structures. Furthermore, it is unsuitable for jobs that require significant utility access, such as airports. Because of these factors, precast concrete is a much more sustainable option. With precast concrete, the infrastructure of the building can be completely automated. Its speedy and efficient construction reduces noise pollution and the need for on-site labor.

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