Latest Technology In Concrete Technology

The concrete industry is facing a variety of challenges remain. In addition to improving efficiency, new technologies also require skilled labor. With new concrete technologies on the horizon, the industry will be able to overcome these issues and provide better service to its customers. Here are a few of the latest developments that are likely to help the industry grow. Read on to learn about the latest developments and how they can help your business. Here are a few other concrete technologies to watch for.

Latest Technology In Concrete Technology

One of the newest innovations is polycarboxylate ether admixtures. This material is capable of modifying concrete’s cohesion properties. Self-compacting concrete is now routinely made using this admixture. The use of polycarboxylate ether enables the production of concretes with superior cohesion. Using these reagents in concrete is highly beneficial for both the producer and the customer.

Another concrete technology that is becoming more popular is microsilica. Microsilica is a by-product of silicon and ferrosilicon production. It is an extremely reactive, high-SiO2 pozzolan that reduces the porosity of concrete. It is often added at a rate of 5-20% by weight of the cement. While microsilica is not necessary for producing high-quality concretes, it can be useful for various construction applications.

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