Four Tips to Expand Your Roofing Business This year

Put your money into Technology Software is essential:

In the current technological era The only way to stay ahead with the rest of the market involves investing into new technology which can improve the efficiency of your roofing company. Being competitive while still relying on paper-based files or Excel spreadsheets is almost impossible. CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) software have completely changed the way roofing companies operate every day by consolidating processes, improving efficiency, and decreasing the staffing required to run the business.

CRMs allow roofers to keep track of communications and other information regarding customers at any time, anywhere aiding businesses in focusing on prospecting, lead generation and communication with customers.

ERPs let contractors automate the business side of a roofing business including purchasing, ordering, accounting financials, etc.

All-inclusive roofing management software such as AccuLynx incorporates ERP and CRM functions which allow roofing companies to monitor every conversation with their clients, knowing the salesperson who is working on the job at hand, creating templates, placing orders for roof measurements from the air, supplier integrations to your orders for materials and determining where specific tasks are in the sales pipeline. Through reallocating resources that were previously employed to go among filing cabinets sending teams of roofers to take measurements, and estimate estimates, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your roofing company by using software.

Promote Your Brand:

Making sure your company is perceived as trustworthy is crucial to creating a strong presence in your local market. Start by utilizing resources to ensure that your branding and online presence are constant and up to current, and providing prospective customers with positive reinforcement as well as the necessary information to make a purchase decision. While investing in brand-building initiatives may appear to be an unimportant task, think about this:

According to research on the market conducted by BrightLocal,

“A good online profile is among the most effective marketing assets that a company can use in order to get new customers to make contact with them. The social proof that is contained in stars and reviews help customers cut down on their research and make their decisions quicker and more confidently than they have ever before. .”

Your brand is among the most important aspects of establishing recognition and affixing this recognition with trustworthy actions.

The first step is to establish your logo and site Making sure that these vital corporate assets are consistent across your business and current contact details can assist potential customers in finding you and reach you rather than your competitors. You can also extend this brand recognition into the field and ensure that your equipment as well as your documents, and even your work uniforms reflect your company’s image.

Enhance Your Communication Methods with Your Customers:

If someone asks you to look over your previous work, don’t react negatively to the request. They’re not trying to make you look less credible Instead, they’re conducting their due diligence making an purchase with you in relation to their house. Giving examples of your previous work, as well as photos of before and after and testimonials from clients will help to strengthen confidence and name recognition generated by your marketing efforts and establish you as an expert in the field.

Making sure that communication and customer service are a vital element of your process will yield rewards, even long after a project has been completed. If you have done a great job of installing a new step at the home of a customer when they call them a few months later in the middle of a problem and you are not responsive, it could cause you to receive a negative review on the web, which could be a lasting negative impact on the success of your company. Following-up is as crucial as the actual service in order to keep existing customers and gain new customers.

Get Referrals from your business and close More Sales

The most efficient method to get new customers is to use referrals. In a society that is based on reputation your brand’s reputation and the quality of your service will make all the difference in the process of creating referrals . When one of your clients appreciates the work you performed on their roof Do not be shy to solicit their recommendation.

“7 percent of customers write a review when they are requested to” It’s a good idea to ask them. source therefor, make use of it!

Recommendations from past customers will automatically create an more trusting relationship and are confirmation of confidence in your roofing contractor and in the high quality of the work you do. Brian Cornelius of GAF writes,

“Every when you get the desired result to your customer, request an offer to refer them… They are not expensive and provide the highest percentage of closing every lead you can receive.” Source: source[ source

The percentage of referrals that close is higher than the closing ratio of non-referral leads. Referral-based leads typically close between 50 to 70 percent often (compared to between 10 and 30% of other sales.) It is a good idea to use referral-based leads. SourceSource

In the year 2018, there is greater competition than before before for professional roofing contractors with a solid background. With the latest technology, innovative marketing and a system for referrals, you’ll be able to convince your customers and potential clients that you’re the best roofing company in your industry and expand your roofing business quicker than the competition.



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