In a service-oriented industry such as roofing, earnings can fluctuate between years. From weather-related events to excessive material purchases and more, the profits of a roofing company are often dependent on the preparation and implementation of plans by the top management and the owners. The ability to identify new opportunities for growth of your roofing company is often dependent on the development of new ideas. AccuLynx provides six simple adjustments to your business plan that you’re not attempting that will help improve your roofing company’s profit margins this season.

1. Profit from the value of your expertise as a professional.

One method to boost the profit margin of your roofing business is to make sure that you’re not undervaluing professional services and charging an appropriate amount for your job. Take note of the expertise of your team members, project managers, and foremen crew members. Do they have any particular qualifications? How many years have been in the business?

2. Redistribute your advertising dollars

One of the most effective methods to boost profits overall is to cut down on the expense of your advertising expenditure. Modernizing your network is one method to do this. Nowadays, advertising on social media is as efficient as traditional methods, and cost a lot less.

Advertising on social media permits the casting of a greater audience and quickly target the right audience who have shown an the interest shown by your products.

Think about the audiences your marketing is directed at and ways to enhance the message you’re communicating. Select specific audiences that are interested in your particular services to ensure that you don’t be wasting your time and resources on those who aren’t likely to buy your products.

It’s crucial to not target the same demographics repeatedly. Make your ads more appealing by targeting new groups of people every time to make sure you’re attracting an entirely new set of customers. Customers seek products that are beneficial to them, therefore make sure your ads highlight the wonderful features your product or service offers.

3. Discuss your vendor’s needs with them.

Another method to cut down costs is by taking advantage of your supplier’s competition. If you require services that your business is paying for, such as insurance, you should do some research to identify the company offering the lowest price and then request your service supplier to match the rate. Although this may require some bargaining, the provider will agree to at least a lower cost to keep your business as a customer.

4. Improve your efficiency

Another easy way to increase profits from roofing is to increase the efficiency of your business. More efficient the procedures are, the lesser time and money you’ll need to invest to make similar profits.

5. Look for niche markets

Offerings that expand your business’s capabilities to cater to a specific segment is another method to grow your client base. If your roofing business has the exclusive right that can provide specific services, clients are likely to pay more for the work that you complete.

For instance green roofing styles are increasing in popularity with homeowners. Employers who are trained in solar panel installation or skylight installation or are knowledgeable about cool roofing systemscan aid your business in attracting new customers.

Another option to increase profit margins through pricing is to concentrate on increasing your sales. There are numerous strategies you can use to increase the potential of your up-sellingso make sure to think about not just the roof, but also windows or siding, gutters and any other exterior services you could be able to provide.

If you are able to adapt the product you’ve already created to suit the needs of a specific market, as well as broad market demand you will benefit from both and reap huge rewards. Check out what niches there are for products similar to what you offer and see what you could create to get into the market.

6. Offer continuous customer support

Controlling your clients after the job has been completed is an essential element when it comes down to regular revenue. Even though new clients can be essential however, you can also boost the amount of money you earn by managing the old ones. A single project can be multiplied into a number of jobs if you keep your relationship with the client and provide high-quality work the first time. Clients who have worked with you before are able to trust you and are happy to leave favorable reviews about your business are likely trust their next work to your business regardless of whether the costs are more expensive.

The final step in managing your clients is to determine the reasons why certain customers were not returning for further projects. If there’s a flaw in your system that stopped a customer from speaking with your business again proactive roofers will work to fix the issue in the shortest time possible to stop your company from losing additional profits in the near future.

The sending of surveys with your warranty documentation is an a simple way to get your customers’ opinions and then apply your findings as the best practice.

Every business wants to increase the profit margin on roofing, however, the majority of them don’t know how simple it is. Simple adjustments to the price for your goods, advertising and identifying a market niche can boost the profits of sales already in place, and cutting costs and increasing efficiency could result in greater net profits. Include a good approach to managing customers to ensure you’re optimizing the amount of work you’re doing, and your roofing company’s profit margin could even nearly double. Therefore, ensure that your business follows these steps and watch your profits increase!



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